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Automotive Lighting

Light up your way through the deepest darkness and heaviest fog with our selection of Automotive Lights

HID/LED (Headlights- Low beam, High Beam)

Modern composite headlights are incorporated into the design of the body for improved styling and aerodynamics. They allow manufacturers the freedom to include turn signal/parking/running lights in the headlight housing if desired as well as use different forms of lighting including LEDs, projector beams, halos, etc. Unfortunately, the plastic lenses on these lights deteriorate with the years and miles, becoming abraded from road debris, and discolored, hazy and opaque from the sun and the elements.

Light Bars (for all Cars Trucks etc)

Car Light Bars

Powerful LED light bars can be used as fog lights, off-road daytime running lights, work lights, ATV lights, tractor lights, UTV lights, and for industrial lighting and marine lighting. Choose from curved LED light bars, amber light bars, slim LED light bars, and quad-, dual-, or single-row light bars in many different lengths with diverse beam patterns and special features.

Ghost / Logo Lights

Car Ghost Lights

Under Body Lights in all colors - Vehicle Specific LOGOS

With car electronic technology developing, the LED welcome logo light becomes more and more popular. It comes with light and logo together. The logo light will be displayed on the ground once open the door and will be turned off automatically when close the door.

DRL - Day Time Running Lights

Car Daytime Running Lights

DRLs are lights located on the front of a vehicle. Unlike headlights, daytime running lights are fairly dim and don't illuminate the road ahead. The purpose of LED Day Time running lights is to increase the visibility of your car so that other drivers can see you on the road.

Audio Video Performance

Capacitors - Small to Big

Car Capacitor

Car audio capacitors are a great addition to any aftermarket audio system that is in need of a little extra power. Capacitors store a temporary electrical charge that can be released during periods of extra power strain. If a vehicle has dimming headlights when music is played, a capacitor could solve that problem.

Batteries- Sound System performs much better with seconday battery

Car Battery

Whether you have a high performance car audio system that you want to show off, you just want to listen to music with the engine off, or you're going to be camping and want to power various devices, your battery has a limited capacity to work with. In fact, the battery your car came with may only be able to run your stereo for an hour or so with the engine off.

If your car audio system has an aftermarket amplifier and a correspondingly higher load, the amount of time you'll be able to run your stereo with the engine off will go down. If you add a second battery, the time will go up

Epicenter (Bass Enhancers - where it lacks)

Car Bass Enhancers

Your MP3 player thinks your car stereo is a pair of headphones, so it removes the bass! The Epicenter restores the earth-shaking power and heart-pounding bass your subwoofers crave.

Give your subwoofers the juice to go lower and hit harder. The Epicenter uses a bass circuit to drive your subwoofers lower, grabbing the attention of every eye on the boulevard.

Digital Signal Processors

Car Digital Signals

If you want to add great sound system to be integrated with factory music system - particularly in New Cars.
Take your audio experience to the next level with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Just like the ones used in large venue concerts, they allow you to fine-tune your audio experience to suit your specific taste. Utilizing a signal processor we have full control over the audio system via laptop and can adjust and tune the system for tonal accuracy..

Pre-fab and Custom Sub Enclosures

In the Trunk, Under the Seat, Behind the Third Row Seat, Tight Spaces - yes we have Vehicle Specific Boxes or we make them for you

Security & Safety

Dash Cams - yes - Need them for your safety and various other reasons

Sensors (Tilt/Motion etc) - Yes - for Maximum Protection

Radar Detectors - Yes - For Various Individual reasons

Bluetooth - Yes - Must - if your car does not have one from Factory - have one integrated to it from us.