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Expand Your HiFi with Amplifiers… Speakers… Subwoofers

At C3S we specialize in creating the perfect sound in your car through a finely tuned Amplifier, Speaker and Subwoofer setup.

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Car enthusiasts are passionate about multimedia features in their cars, especially custom car audio video systems. Integrating features like the Bluetooth connectivity, on-screen navigation and smartphone integration enhance the overall sound and comfort in any car.

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In-Dash Car Audio Technology

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C3S offers our customers a wide brand selection of the latest in-dash technologies such as DVD players, GPS navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming, USB connections and even the latest Apple® iOS and Andriod™ device connectivity. Many of our in-dash units feature easy to read screens with touch screen controls and WiFi compatibility for streaming internet radio such as iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Spotify, etc.

Visit us and chat with our car audio experts. We will be happy show you just how much technology is available for your dashboard and how we can ensure a precise fit with the necessary installation parts and electronic interfaces. With the necessary installation accessories, you’re assured that your steering wheel controls and other interconnected functions remain operational. When the installation is complete, we take the time to show you how to access and enjoy all the new head unit’s features. Today’s in-dash head units are really quite amazing; much more than just a radio.

Add Subwoofers and Component Speakers

Car Speakers

Our expert installation technicians can construct a custom-fit subwoofer enclosure for any vehicle so you can experience the feeling of low frequencies that create an incredible sound. Subwoofer additions need not be extremely large speakers that take up all of your precious cargo space; rather we can provide high performance low frequency enhancement with even modest 8” and 10” subwoofers that require very little space. Of course if you like to shake the car’s windows and move a lot of air, we can build those types of subwoofer systems too.

C3S also offers many types of high-quality component speakers systems with separate midrange and tweeters speakers so the vocals and the instruments sound real. We offer many sizes to fit in your car’s factory speaker locations, or we can customize locations to further optimize the sound quality. It’s all about providing a well-rounded sound system upgrade that lets you experience all of the music, not just middle range frequencies that factory speakers tend to play. Enjoy the full range of incredible sound with a subwoofer and speaker upgrade from C3S.

Video Entertainment

Car Stero and Audio

There are a few good reasons to have a (RSE) Rear Seat Entertainment system installed in your vehicle. The most common we came across is for young ones, having their favorite shows, movies and or video games is a great way to ensure a quite ride and keep their attention on long trips.

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